Sóley, Sin Fang og Örvar Smárason live at Tjarnarbíó

Um viðburðinn

Att! Team Dreams has been moved from Iðnó to Tjarnarbíó tonight. Doors at 20:00. First act at 20:50. Thanks for understanding & enjoy the show!

Sóley, Sin Fang and Örvar originally started their song-a-month project as a framework around a songwriting studio collaboration and are now expanding it to a full live performance. These three Icelandic musicians are all well established artists in there own right.

Sin Fang is a solo project of Seabear founder and singer/songwriter Sindri Már Sigfusson, who as released multiple albums under the moniker.

Sóley, who was also a member of the very popular Seabear, released her first solo album 'We Sink' in 2011 and has since been wowing audiences around the globe with her dark, fairytale song craft.

Örvar Smárason is a founding member of the legendary Icelandic electronic band mum and long time member of FM Belfast.