Jono Duffy - Australiana

Um viðburðinn

Australiana. (Comedy, Cabaret, One man show)

Jonathan Duffy moved from Australia to Iceland in 2015 and has since then consistently been answering one question: “Why the hell did you move to Iceland?” In Australiana, Jono will dish the dirt on what it was like growing up in the land down under; what he misses, and ultimately the reason why he said goodbye.

Part comedy, part cabaret, part dance party, Australiana is pieced together with carefully selected music by Australian artists that have been remixed by Icelandic dance duo ‘Dusk.’ This show was performed to a sell out crowd during the 2016 Reykjavík Pride Festival and is back with some additional stories and maybe even a new song or two. 

“I effing love this guy. Jono is like Vitamin D up here in the land of fire and Ice… if you don’t get some you’ll break down and cry. Just go! It’s that simple, and yet so effing satisfying.” - Hera Björk. 

"Jonathan Duffy has the ability to be cynical and affectionate at the same time. But mostly just funny.” - Hugleikur Dagsson.